A Special Message from the Archbishop

A risky affair. Life. Beautiful, but risky. Perhaps the risk is part of the beauty. This is a site for risk-takers, impossible-goal-scorers, gamblers, if you like. Cagier people, eternally calculating people, risk-avoiding types, may not find much of interest here.

On the other hand, who knows? Even the eternal calculator may notice that there’s nothing very eternal about his prospects as things stand. A life of trembling at every shadow of every possible risk? The death of a thousand dithers? There has to be more. It has to get better than that.

What brought you here? Accident? Curiosity? Boredom? Genuine interest? Well, you’re here, that’s something. It’s a dubious little corner, I admit, a real gambler’s den, packed with the most desperate chancers. Sinisterly unremarkable, though, you might say.

“He that will lose his life, the same shall save it.” It’s ordinary enough advice. As healthy as oatmeal. You could put it on the front of any survival kit. A sailor, or any mountaineer, could tell you the same. When you’re in a corner, you don’t worry about dignity or poise. You don’t have time to throw shapes before the world. The goal becomes clear. You’ll risk anything to get out. Anything. You’ll gamble your very life to survive. You’ll chance dying to live. You know it.

We here find ourselves in a corner. At least, after two thousand years, that’s how it still seems. You feel superior? Maybe. Maybe you’re right? Or, maybe, the difference between you and us is that we know we’re in it. Anyway, here we are, stuck in places and times, stuck in morality, stuck in a corner. Well, we’re moving. It’s grand, but it’s not enough. We want something more, something that lasts. There has to be some goal worth scoring.

That’s the trouble with life: you get a taste for it. Spoils you for anything less. You get airs and graces. You certainly lose respect for corners. You get fussy about goals.

We’re banking everything on a promise we got, ages ago now, from a ‘carpenter in Galilee. Were moving out. There are broader skies, other horizons. No corners. No traps. No jumping through endless hoops of this “challenge” and that “opportunity”, and leading to what? A pension and a bit of dignity before the end? A bone to chew and a pat on the head. You can keep dignity and bones. We want life. Now, there’s a goal.

We are Catholic Priests, followers of Jesus Christ. If you feel as we do, then maybe you should think about joining the Catholic Church? If you are already a member, maybe you should become more active? If you’re already an active Catholic and you don’t feel you’re making enough trouble yet, maybe you should be leading operations, directing the break-out? We need leaders. That’s what a priest does, in various ways: he leads. Out. “Towards The Goal.”

We should talk. Definitely.